Flexible Web Design Packages

I Have A Website Package To Suit Every Website Need. These Packages Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Bespoke Requirements



5 Pages
Contact Form & Google Mapt
Update your Content Yourself! (CMS)
On-Site SEO Optimised
Mobile & Tablet Optimised
Ongoing Support
Anti-Virus & Malware Protection



10 pages
Everything from Personal Package
Unlimited Revisions
Logo Included
Enhanced SEO
Spam Blocker
A Grade on GTMetrix



Everything from Personal & Super
10 Page E-Commerce Package
20 Products Included
Tutorial on Adding Products
Accept Credit Cards with Stripe or Paypal
SSL Certificate
Email Set up

How Does It Work?

This should give you some idea as to what you’re getting yourself into!


Some of my more commonly asked questions!

Yes it will! All my websites are designed to be “responsive” – which means they will adapt to phones and tablets, and always look great!

How long is a piece of string? It depends on the size of your website and how many revisions you would like to make. On average, most of my websites take between 10-21 days.

Yes you can! WordPress is a CMS which means “content management system”. All instructions on making simple edits will be provided during the handover. You will have access to an admin area where you can make changes to any existing content, make blog posts, add products to a shop (if required) and much more.

It depends on what you wish to rank for! No web designer can guarantee first page – and if they do – they are not to be trusted! Ranking is in the hands of Google and mainly depends on the content you submit.  All my clients who take my advice rank well for the keywords they have been designed for.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of making the website rank as well as it possible can. There are two types of SEO – On-page and Off-page. On page is where I come in. Google likes pages which load quickly, are modern and responsive, have good headings, links, keywords, and have lots of easily accessible, juicy content. Off-page is where you come in – it’s marketing your website – which is important. Flyers, Business Cards, Social Media, Google Advertising etc. I submit your website to all the major websites, Google, Bing etc

If I am not in Manchester, I am more than likely working out my Italian office! (Sounds impressive doesn’t it – I have family in Italy who I spend a lot of time with – mainly in Summer.)

The thing about website work is that it can be done remotely, so if you don’t mind using a telephone, email, WhatsApp or even Skype, the location shouldn’t make a big difference.

Years ago I wanted to start a design brand… something with a bit of “spice”! Looking back, it was maybe kind of a mistake – I should have chosen something more simple and personal like “Jon Bardi Freelance Web Design”.

Yes you do! There’s no getting around this, to have a website you need to have it hosted. Think of it as the rent you pay for having your website on the internet. You can either have it hosted with me, or I can guide you to the best hosting company for your needs.

Shouldn’t be! You can use your own hosting as long as it meets the requirements of WordPress, which I will check for you before we begin.

Yes, I won’t abandon you! I am always available to my clients both old and new.

During the handover I make and send you a backup of the website.  Making extra backups are encouraged, and instructions will be provided. Worse comes to worst and your website breaks down (as they do from time to time), it’s quite easy to restore the backup. And should you need help, I am always available.

Great – send me a message. I work by the hour for alterations, extra content!

Well, er… the answer to that is… not really, no.
Crikey, truth may be good for the soul but it’s a bit tough on credibility!
Some people assume that we web developers are all artists too. Where as I am quite adept with Photoshop and can drum you up a super spiffing simple logo with a pretty font, I am by no means a graphic designer and I can’t draw. A can put you in touch with people who can though!

“ It’s been great working with Jon found him fair patient and creative would recommend “thanks Jon”.”


“Jon has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish with our website. The service cayenne pepper design provide is 5 star, Jon is an amazing guy to work with and he is available 24/7 to deal with any problems. We are extremely happy with our website and cant wait to work with Jon again in the future.”


“Jon recently built a website for my electrical business that I am extremely happy with. Jon has a great work ethic, a fantastic attitude, and above all he’s a really decent guy to deal with. Even after running into problems with GoDaddys hosting package (which is completely useless btw), he kept his cool and worked through all the issues in a measured and professional manner. I cannot recommend Jon and Cayenne Pepper Web Design highly enough and if I’m ever in need of another website, he will definitely be my first call!”


” Jon was lovely I would recommend him to everyone needing assistance with a website. I actually cannot thank him enough… “


“I am so happy to have found Jon at Cayenne Pepper Design. He has created a fantastic website for our business and completed a great deal of work in a short period of time. He delivered the project above and beyond my expectations. We now have ideal website built the way we want with all the content and product range that we were looking to get online. I have had a few websites in the past from previous business ventures and this has been my best experience by far in terms of service. Jon is patient and works with you to create the product that you have in mind and advises with expert suggestions along the way. Thank you Jon! I would be happy to recommend you to friends and colleagues.”