Pre-Made Websites

ONLY £125

Need a website up and running lickety-split? Not fussed about it being custom made, as long as it looks professional? On a budget?

Crumbs – Hiring a website designer can be a bit expensive can’t it web-chums! Not to mention time consuming and stressful! What happens when you need a website in an emergency.. for example if you… well I can’t think of any emergencies which would call for a quick website off the top of my head right now but I’m sure there is one.

Happily, there is a solution for clients who need a website toot-suite, and have a limited budget. It’s called the Cayenne Pepper Design Pre-made website design service – and it’s the best thing since Bachelors granulated tomato and crouton cup-a-soup. Hooray!

Casino Website
Virtual Reality Website
Cake Website
Pop Culture Store
sports blog website template
Sports Blog Website

I do not support Liverpool FC

Guest House Website


How does it work then?

Take a seat and I will explain…

  1. Take a gander at all my lovely offerings on this page. (More coming soon). Find one which you like! Great! Mosey on down to step 2.
  2. Let me know of your interest via the handily-placed contact form found here. Be sure to specify which template you like, natch!
  3. I shall send you an invoice for the fee, along with a request for 3 things. A) All the copy you would like on the website (images, text etc) B) Your contact details you would like on the website C) Your hosting c-panel log in details.*
  4. Once the above is received I will install WordPress on your hosting and transfer the pre-made website with all your juicy copy in place. The contact form linked to your nominated email, and a handy guide on how to upkeep your website (updates, backups, logins and editing text and images yourself. Videos included)

…Boom! It’s as easy as that. In a flash you will be up and running with a great looking, professional website. Think of all the money you’ve saved! You’ve earned yourself a pint! (You’ve saved so much money why not treat yourself to a packet of pork scratchings too.) More pre-made websites are on their way, so check back often!

*You will need hosting and a domain name before I can set up the website. Please contact me if you need a hand doing that.