This is my first attempt at a blog!

The thought to do one never occured to me before, after all – I’m a web designer, not a writer. But the more I learnt about SEO and getting your website to the top of Google search results, the more I discovered how important a blog was. For example…


Google loves freshness! Before I started this blog, my website didn’t change much very often, and so, like a piece of discarded bread, it went stale, and as a result began to drop in the google rankings. Keeping your site up to date with new blog posts, keeps your site fresh as a daisy, and smelling as sweet as a new born baby!


Although the days of Keywords being King are long gone (search engines don‘t depend on them as much as they once did.), Your site must still be relevent. Google no longer looks how many times a keyword appears on your site, but it looks at how it fits in with the rest of your site, and forms it’s own conculsions as to what your site is about. So the practice of stuffing as many keywords into your site as possible (such as SEO, WEB DESIGN, WEB DEVELOPMENT, GREAT RATES,), ahem… are long gone.


The more people click on your site, the more your site will move up in the rankings, so I intend to fill my blog with articles people are going to actually want to read, like “How to improve your love life”, “The Number one REAL method to get rich quick”, and “1o Celebrities who look like squirrells.” The aim here is to get people clicking on links to your site… It doesn’t all have to be about web design!


Having a lot of new, fresh images on your site is another way for Google to find you. Google looks for the name of the image, and the Alt text, so I will be sure to put lots of Web-design-relevant photos on my blog!

So there you have it, just a few of the many reasons why having a blog is essential to getting your site noticed by Google. So you can look forward to many more articles in the near future, but please excuse my bad spelling and terrible grammar. After all, I’m a web designer, not a writer!